Retroviruses and Immunotherapy Could Be Behind the Next Big Advances in Medicine.

November 4, 2017

There are many potential breakthroughs in medicine at the moment and one of the most promising involves something called retroviruses. Retroviruses make up 8% our human genome and these retroviruses originated from viral infections during human evolution. These retroviruses in our genes appear to play a significant role in certain diseases – in particular Type One Diabetes. A particular retrovirus called MSRV was initially isolated in cell cultures from patients affected with multiple sclerosis in the 90’s Now it’s also known that proteins from the MSRV retrovirus are in the pancreas of Type 1 Diabetes patients - and there is strong evidence this protein leads to the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes. The exciting thing is that these effects can be blocked – in other words potentially stopping diseases such as Type One Diabetes and MS. If you would like to know more about exciting new approaches like these Neoclinical is currently recruiting patients for clinical trials.